Nothing truly says 'I love you' like a warm Domino's pizza shared with your person. In celebration of the ultimate love, this 360° campaign recognizes couples ready to tie the knot. Beginning with an engagement-ring style pizza box mailed to newly engaged couples, buzzing up a social media storm, and ending with the greatest pizza-party wedding possible, Domino's gave an exciting, new twist to those ready to say 'I Do'.

Engagement Ring Sized Pizza Box, Top
Engagement Ring Sized Pizza Box, Inside
Coupon Received inside of Box

After the couples who signed up got married, they received a special wedding present from Domino's.

Heart Shaped Pizza Box, Top
Heart Shaped Pizza Box, Inside
Wet Napkins

In the end, Domino's chose one special couple and threw them the ultimate wedding celebration.

Wedding Invitation and Reminder Card
RSVP Cards
Social Media Countdown
Wedding Decorations
Snapchat Filters for Wedding Attendees
Individual Pizza Slice Boxes as take home gifts
For educational purposes only.
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