With the goal to reach a younger target audience, Maxwell House Coffee launched a new product line: Slow-Roasted Stout, a coffee-infused beer.
Hoboken is a city packed with a rich history of the Maxwell House brand. With a median age of 31, it was the perfect place to launch the Slow-Roasted Stout and bring Maxwell House back to Hoboken. This campaign includes a series of bus shelter ads, a billboard, and a taphouse that invites consumers into the brand story. The logo and graphic elements were drawn from the 1892 Maxwell House packaging to bring a nostalgic feel to the campaign while simultaneously rejuvenating the brand and launching a new product line.

These transit ads each consist of the same graphic elements, but the copywriting changes to tell the story
The bus shelters are all located in the Hoboken area
Fans will blow out a delicious coffee scent to entice riders of the Hoboken PATH Train
The one-of-a-kind Maxwell Taphouse, will serve the signature Slow-Roasted Stout
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